High Quality Pool Covers

High Quality Pool Covers

All Remco pool covers are designed and installed with the highest standards of quality and style in mind. We offer a range of high quality pool covers that can be used to cover any sized pool. For low maintenance, superior strength pool covers – Remco is the #1 option.

Browse our leading range of high quality pool covers

Remco offers a collection of automatic, manual and thermal designer pool covers in a range of materials and colours:

Swimroll Pool Cover
Inspired by European designs, the Swimroll Pool Cover guarantees functionality, safety, style and performance. Embracing cutting-edge automatic features, the Swimroll provides full coverage for both below and above ground swimming pools.

PoolGuard Pool Cover
Using the latest innovations in safety, the PoolGuard cover provides maximum coverage. With unsurpassed insulation and impenetrable protection, this pool cover is designed to stand the test of time.

Coverstar Pool Cover
If you have children in the house, this pool cover is for you. Made from high quality materials, the Coverstar is key operated and controlled. Due to highly durable components, the Coverstar pool cover is strong enough to hold the weight of a full-grown adult, providing maximum safety for the entire family.

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