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Remco for Home Owners

We insist on award winning design. 


That’s how we roll.

If your looking to get the ultimate new pool for your family with automated efficiency that makes owning a pool about family recreation rather than hard work, we can help.

We can also breathe life into a current pool with smart upgrades that make life easier.

The ultimate pool cover.

The fully automated Remco Swimroll is the ultimate pool cover. And not just because it can cut pool heating costs by up to 60% and evaporation of water and chemicals by around 70%. Made with high quality materials that deliver both strength and buoyancy, Swimroll can support weights of up to 70kg when fully closed. So it can save a lot more than just money. For an award-winning pool cover that does it all, and then some, as your pool builder to install Remco.


  • Award winning design
  • Keeps your pool clean
  • Custom fitted to each pool 
  • Insulates and heats the pool
  • Integrated safety for your family
  • Increases efficency
  • Saves water, energy, heating costs and chemical evaporation

Do laps without the laps.

Want to do some serious swimming? Or just have some serious family fun? With the revolutionary Remco SwimJet system, you get a big pool experience in even the smallest pools. SwimJet creates a strong underwater current for you to swim against, bubble-free and with adjustable turbo speeds for swimmers of different abilities. Quiet and with no pumps or plumbing required, it adds a whole new dimension to pools of any size.


  • Advanced bubble free technology
  • Quiet and easy to install
  • The most energy efficient pool jet on the market
  • Available Australia wide
  • 7-speeds conveniently adjusted by remote control
  • Quality assurance from over 30 years of experience

How to design
and build a 6-star
energy pool.

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The ultimate
guide to hidden
pool covers.

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The ultimate

floating cover

Whether built into your existing pool or fitted on the deck of your pool on a stylish stainless steel roller, Swimroll retro-fit options are remarkably discreet. Each Swimroll is individually made and fitted according to laser pool measurement, ensuring a smooth and easy fit for pre-existing pools.


Aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully functional, fully automated. Remco designed the Swimroll to provide all these things. Made with high-grade PVC or polycarbonate extrusions that interlock tongue-in-groove, the Swimroll is highly buoyant and creates a floating floor on the surface of the water. This delivers safety and insulation, while also keeping leaves and debris out of the pool so you can spend more time enjoying it rather than cleaning it.

Available Australia wide

Remco pool cover products are available for supply and installation Australia wide. Our friendly and professional team can assist you with consulting and custom design service. We provide rapid specialist technical field support with complete spare-parts back up.
Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.