Pool Enclosures

Remco is Australia’s leading manufacturer of Swimming Pool Enclosures. Remco’s huge range of custom-built enclosure products keep pools safe, clean, warm and exceptionally economical to run. Best of all, it is easy for our pool enclosures to be opened up by one person, manually or even electronically when required, which means you can make it an outdoor pool again at any time you want!

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Remco pool enclosures – indoor / outdoor flexibility

Extend your Swimming Season!

[pullquote2 align=”right”]Our Remco Enclosure has turned a pool that was rarely used into year-round favorite with the whole family – not just the kids![/pullquote2]

These structures, which can also be referred to as a Pool Dome, Retractable Roof, Pool Buildings, Automatic Roofs or also a Telescopic Pool enclosure, can change any outdoor pool to be an indoor pool whenever you like.

Swim all year round! To protect swimmers from the elements on inclement days, simply close or partially close the semi-separate elements. These elements stack telescopically, sliding compactly into each other, leaving the outdoor pool feel when the weather suits.

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Remco pool enclosures – complete pool protection

Reduce all pool running costs to a fraction of what they are now.

Remco Pool Enclosures will seal out all leaves, dirt and debris keeping your pool completely clean all year round. With the enclosure in place, the heating costs are greatly reduced, and the structure will also assist in heating the pool. Evaporation is eliminated and so too the chemical loss with it.

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Lock up the pool properly with a Remco Pool Enclosure

Child Safety; What better way to lock up the pool?

Remco pool enclosures are equipped with childproof locks, making sure children and pets are totally safe.

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Medium profile Remco enclosures – functional indoor swimming area

UV Protection for everybody!

Remco pool enclosures are built with high quality polycarbonate that blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Custom designed and built to suit your application

Each Remco pool enclosure is built to suit your application. Three main sizes exist;


  • High profile – a real pool room. Enough head height to throw a party underneath!
  • Medium profile – a pool enclosure with enough head height for use of the pool only
  • Low profile – a pool enclosure that acts as a pool cover


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Remco enclosures – many applications available

Pool enclosures engineered to last

Remco enclosures are manufactured in Australia under license to Germanys’ leading enclosure manufacturer and display the characteristics of good design and solid engineering. All models are designed to strict international standards.

Everything Remco is designed to bring together the best in looks, function and durability. For even greater ease and utility, we sell a range of automatic retractable pool covers that eliminate any manual handling from covering up your pool.

Not just for pools!

Many other applications are possible for this type of structure, e.g. Sunroom, Veranda Enclosure, Restaurant el fresco area enclosure, River cruise Boat Enclosure or Greenhouse. For expert advice, please contact us regarding your particular application and we’ll design a purpose-built structure for you.

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Remco is where you can find stylish, functional and durable designs for everything you need to make your pool the feature of your outdoor space that it was always meant to be. With the pool cover products that we make available online, you can make your pool a breeze to maintain and enjoy all year-round.

Buying pool covers online gives you access to the best that Australia has to offer. At Remco, we make it our goal to make your experience with us as smooth as possible, providing rapid delivery and installation anywhere in Australia.

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