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  • Remco SwimJet System

    Remco SwimJet: Stay fit in the comfort of your own pool.

    Keeping fit can be expensive. The most popular way to stay in shape is by going to the gym or local swimming pool. But coupled with this comes membership, travel and getting sweaty in public – not always ideal! The Remco SwimJet is a perfect …

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  • Swim Jet For Athlete

    4 fitness benefits of the Remco SwimJet

    The greatest benefit of the Remco Swimjet is the way that it can maximise the exercise potential of your pool. Here are the four biggest fitness benefits that SwimJet can offer. 1 . A balanced muscle workout Unlike weight training, where stronger muscles overcompensating for …

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  • SwimJet For Family

    Create pool adventures for the whole family

    Swim jet systems are widely used for athletic training purposes, but what most don’t realise is that a swim jet transforms a pool into a myriad of activities for the whole family. Add a simple pool toy and you get dozens more! The whole family …

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  • Swim Jet For Blog

    Time to pool around … with a Remco SwimJet

    Summer is here and the time is right. Time for what? Time to install a Remco SwimJet into your pool and maximise your summer fun. SwimJet systems have been on the market for some time. They are a flush- mounted, jet propulsion system that generates …

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  • Time To Pool Around

    Wave goodbye to summer boredom

    Summer is fast approaching and alongside the inevitable soaring temperatures and Christmas presents that this season brings, comes the prospect of having to keep your children entertained for the time they have off school. To make the summer enjoyable for all, here are three games …

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