Why architects are specifying pool covers and why you should listen

In full disclosure, the business that I am the Managing Director for is Remco, Australia’s most leading pool cover company. We manufacture largely in Australia, hiring locals in Melbourne to make pool covers to suit a range of different pool shapes and sizes.

Like many of you, I read the newspaper. I have children of my own, so when I read the paper, I am often drawn to stories that relate to children.

When I read a story about a child that has passed due to falling in a pool, my immediate reaction is that my heart goes out to the parents and other siblings that the child has left behind.

Then I think about what could have been done differently.

There is a reason why more people now have pool covers and its not just about the weather, falling leaves and debris and evaporation like many people think. It’s about safety. Would you choose to have a pool cover if it is going to save the life of your child, your neighbours child or someone coming to visit?

I know it is easy for me to say, that it is a “no brainer”, but it really is. Pool deaths can be reduced dramatically simply by having a pool cover, so when you are not physically in the pool, it is covered with a strong cover that can withstand a small child falling on it.

Architects are continually ringing up and asking for specific details on our Swimroll pool cover, and I know why there has been an influx in the past 12 months. It makes perfect sense because during summer particularly, I pick up the paper and too often there is a story about a child that has lost their life in the pool.

As a parent, we have to make choices. No longer are pool covers ghastly to look at. They are modern, and they fit with the aesthetics of your backyard.

Protecting our children the best we can is our responsibility and if I can save one life from this blog, then it is worth it.

Yes, they are great for keeping leaf debris out of the pool, reducing evaporation and creating a more sustainable pool in your backyard – but the most important element of a pool cover from Remco is absolutely what it can do to reduce drownings.