By Phoebe Moloney, published in The Age

2-year old Brodie climbs a fence chillingly fast. This video should be a wake-up call to all parents, particularly in light of recent drowning deaths in Australia.

On January 10th 2017, Wendy Atkinson posted a video to her Facebook page depicting her 2-year old son scaling a seemingly secure fence. In only 21 seconds, Brodie manages to climb the fence by using his toes to grip the bars and lifting himself up. When he reaches the latch at the top, the gate swings open and Brodie looks toward the camera, all smiles.

The fence in question is in Ms Atkinson’s backyard, fencing off an area to store wood, but states that it is higher than standard fences used for most Australian pools. 21 seconds is an extraordinarily short amount of time. It is a short amount of time to be distracted, by other people, or even a short amount of time to run in and grab what’s burning in the oven. External factors are unpredictable and there is no guarantee you will always be able to be there for your child.

Don’t risk the safety of your most loved ones. Invest in a Remco pool cover to increase protection around your pool, but remember, the most effective way to ensure the safety of your children is vigilant supervision.

Source: The Age