Enjoy an endless summer

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Make any season swimming season.

Custom-built enclosures

Remco is Australia’s leading supplier and installer of premium Swimming Pool Enclosures. Our range of custom, European-built enclosures keeps pools safe, clean, and warm, and they are exceptionally economical to run. Best of all, our pool enclosures can be opened up by one person, manually or electronically if you prefer. This means your pool can become an outdoor pool again at any time you want, turning a rarely used pool into a year-round favourite for the whole family. 

Each Remco pool enclosure is built to suit your application. 

Three main sizes exist: 

1. High profile – a real pool room. Enough head height to throw a pool party underneath all year round 

2. Medium profile – a pool enclosure with enough head height for use of the pool only 

3. Low profile – a pool enclosure that acts as a pool cover 

The flexible pool

Pool enclosures, also referred to as Pool Domes, Retractable Roofs, Pool Buildings, Automatic Roofs or Telescopic Pool Enclosures, can change an outdoor pool into an indoor pool, whenever you like. To protect swimmers from inclement weather, simply close or partially close the semi-separate elements. The elements stack telescopically, sliding compactly into each other and allowing an outdoor pool feel when the weather suits.

Swim Now, Pay Later

Complete pool protection.

Reduce all pool running costs to a fraction of what they are now. Remco Pool Enclosures seal out all leaves, dirt and debris, keeping your pool completely clean all year round. With the enclosure in place, heating costs are greatly reduced, and the structure also assists in heating the pool. Evaporation is eliminated, and so is the chemical loss.

Kids can climb a fence. They can’t climb an enclosure.

Lock up the pool completely with a Remco Pool Enclosure for child and pet safety. Our pool enclosures are equipped with childproof locks, making sure children and pets are totally safe.

UV Protection for everybody.

Remco pool enclosures are built with high quality polycarbonate that blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Engineered to last.

Remco enclosures are made to order by Europe’s leading enclosure manufacturer, utilising the very best in design and engineering. All models are designed to strict international standards, and like all Remco products, they are designed to bring together the best in looks, function and durability. For even greater ease and utility, we sell a range of automatic retractable pool covers that eliminate any manual handling from covering up your pool. 

Available Australia wide

Remco pool cover products are available for supply and installation Australia wide. Our friendly and professional team can assist you with consulting and custom design service. We provide rapid specialist technical field support with complete spare-parts back up.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.