Cover any pool

Coverstar by Remco

Coverstar can fit
almost any pool

If you’re in and out or your pool all the time, the Remco Coverstar is the cover for
you. A fully automated vinyl pool cover system that is firmly fixed into two tracks, the rectangular shaped cover rolls on and off the surface at the turn of a key, providing complete ease of use.

Key benefits


Securely fixed into two parallel tracks, the Coverstar glides out and over to cover your pool and provide a secondary layer of protection to prevent children and pets from falling in. Fully extended, Coverstar pool covers have a load rating of 400kg, giving you extra peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your pool.



Coverstar pool covers eliminate 90% of evaporation, saving both
water and pool chemicals and stabilising your pool’s temperature. By helping maintain consistent chemical readings, the lowest possible chemical and energy costs are ensured. If a pool cover is frequently used, filtering cycle times can be reduced by over 50%.

Fully automated


Coverstar is fully automatic, making opening and closing the cover effortless. No more dragging a heavy cover to the pool manually, at the turn of a key the cover rolls on and off which means more time for you and your family to enjoy your pool.

Finance Options

Installation options


With the recessed system, the roller is fitted in a dry pit immediately behind the pool. Perfect for rectangular pools, this system offers three pit lid options.


With the deck or paving mount system, the roller is fitted on top of your deck or paving. The cover can be installed with a housing or within a Remco aluminum bench seat. This is perfect for existing freeform or geometric pools.

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Colour options

Coverstar pool covers are available in eleven colours, so whatever your house or backyard design may be, there’s one that will match it perfectly.
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Aqua
  • Forest Green
  • Tan
  • Mocha
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Grey
Please Note: The Coverstar colours displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Please request a physical sample before ordering.

Available Australia wide

Remco pool cover products are available for supply and installation Australia wide. Our friendly and professional team can assist you with consulting and custom design service. We provide rapid specialist technical field support with complete spare-parts back up.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.