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Remco for Architects

We fit into your design not the other way round.

If you want to hide a cover in your design, Swimroll is the most flexible automated cover system available. Get your customers to notice your design not the pool cover.

If you client wants to swim laps but doesn’t have the space, SwimJet makes their pool bigger than it really is.


Maximise their enjoyment.

Minimise their costs.

Pools should be enjoyed. They shouldn’t be a pain to maintain. With a Remco Swimroll you can reduce your customers water and energy costs by up to 70% and guarantee a head turning finished product that will have their entire neigbourhood talking. Your customers will have greatly reduced cleaning and heating costs and can rest assured they have one of the safest products on the market.


  • Designed by architects
  • The original Swimroll cover was designed Michael Bialek from SJB Architects
  • The most flexible system for hiding a cover with your design
  • Over 15 options for design integration
  • Industry certified
  • 7 colour options to match your design
  • The automated cover actually floats on the pool
  • Clients will be able to swim all year round, find it easy to look after their pool, save loads on energy and generally have the best possible pool money can buy.

Make their pool bigger than it really is.

SwimJet is the most advanced counter current swimming system in Australia.

If your client has a space for a small swimming pool but would love one that is big enough to swim laps in, we have the solution you need. Our Swimjet systems allow clients to enjoy the best of both worlds by creating an adjustable underwater current to swim against.

There’s a Remco SwimJet to suit swimmers of every level, ranging from beginners to seasoned experts. While the different turbine configurations offer different stream strengths, the speed of the more powerful configurations can also be adjusted to suit less capable swimmers.


  • A bubble-free current delivers a superior swimming experience
  • With no pumps or plumbing, SwimJet has a clean, simple design and is easy to install
  • The most energy efficient design, using up to 80% less energy than most other pool jets
  • 7 different speed settings that can be adjusted by remote control or via touch sensitive underwater piezo switch set
  • Available Australia wide

How to design and build a 6-star energy pool.

Water in a pool without a floating cover is vulnerable from a thermodynamics perspective. Rapid head loss via an exposed surface causes evaporation of water and chlorination chemicals. The volume of water will also shrink as it becomes cooler. Learn how to maintain thermodynamics with Remco.


The ultimate guide to hidden pool covers.

Most pool covers are ugly. Not at Remco. We pride ourselves on designing automated covers that actually compliment what you design and build. Our covers, power and storage can be hidden in 12 flexible ways into your pool project.



SwimJet for fitness or fun.

If your current pool is too small for laps, turn it into a fitness hub with SwimJet. Our transformative retrofit system will enable you to do some serious swimming any pool.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.

Nationally accredited swimming pool cover installer and supplier.