5 ways to increase your sales – How to impress your customers

All too often, salespeople underutilise their knowledge. Potential customers are impressed by retailers who know their products, and who can give them advice, but how do you go about it? 

1. Ask the right questions

Knowing what your customer wants will ensure that you recommend a product that will not only suit their needs, but will keep them satisfied with your services, keep trusting you and recommend you to others. When asking questions, make sure you know not just the what, but also the why. Have they been having particular issues with their pool that a different product could solve?

2. Read your customer and anticipate their needs

From the moment you greet a customer, you can gain clues into what their needs are. When you ask questions, read into their answers. If they’re on a budget, you can recommend a product that will save them energy bills and future maintenance costs well into the future.

3. Make recommendations

This doesn’t mean you have to upsell, but it does mean you need to know your products, and know how to sell them. For pool covers, this may mean looking past the technical details and pricing, and seeing what the true value of the product is. For busy parents, this means not having to constantly clean their pool – saving them precious time they could be spending with their kids. Or it might mean peace of mind – that they won’t need to worry about their kids falling into the pool when playing in the backyard.

4. Give your customer resources

For customers who are not 100% sure on their decision, give them brochures, your card, and a website they can review products on. Good websites and brochures are designed to convince the customer and communicate the benefits of the product, so they will help to make your job easier!

5. Follow up and offer help

Get your customer’s number and email address and ask them what time is best to contact them. When you call or email, offer your assistance, ask if they have any further questions, or if there is anything else you can help them with. They’ll appreciate your consideration and attention to detail..

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