Are you tired of your pool sitting idle once the summer season ends? Do you wish there was a way to make the most of your backyard oasis year-round? Look no further than Remco’s Retrofit SwimJets – the innovative solution to transform your existing pool into a fitness centre for the whole family.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know, including:

  • How a SwimJet can transform your pool
  • The family-wide health benefits when a SwimJet is added
  • The Remco SwimJet difference

Read on to discover why adding a SwimJet to your pool will be the best family fitness decision you’ve made.

Elevating your backyard pool

A major challenge with backyard pools is their restricted size. Kids are adept at creative water play. However, for adults, limited pool size can mean they use it to cool down, but not much more.

For homeowners, having a pool that needs maintenance all year but that is only used occasionally is very unappealing. But what if you could add a Retrofit SwimJet to an existing pool, adding exercise, therapeutic and play benefits the whole family can enjoy?

Rather than travelling to the local public pool to swim laps, a Retrofit SwimJet supports you in swimming in a stationary position, much like a treadmill helps you run without moving forward.

And if your pool becomes used for regular exercise, you may be able to use it all year round rather than just in the summer months.

Health Benefits of Owning a SwimJet

Benefit 1: Regular Swimming

Swimming is renowned for its numerous health benefits, making it an ideal form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Regular swimming can enhance overall fitness and well-being, from cardiovascular conditioning to improved muscle tone. Moreover, the low-impact nature of swimming reduces stress on joints, making it an excellent option for those with mobility issues or recovering from injury.

Swimmer swimming against a twin Retrofit SwimJet system

Benefit 2: Water-Based Therapeutic Exercise

Beyond traditional swimming, water-based therapeutic exercise provides a gentle yet effective way to improve flexibility, strength, and range of motion.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, the buoyancy of water reduces strain on muscles and joints while still providing a challenging workout. With a Swim Jet, you can effortlessly incorporate therapeutic exercises into your daily routine from the comfort of your own pool.

Benefits 3: Kids Playing in the Current

One of the most exciting features of SwimJets is how much children enjoy playing in the current they create.

The gentle yet invigorating water flow provides endless entertainment for kids, turning your pool into a dynamic playground. Whether pretending to swim against the current like little athletes or delighting in being swept along, kids love the new dimension of fun SwimJets add.

All About Remco Retrofit SwimJets

With over 30 years of experience in the pool industry, Remco understands the evolving needs of consumers.

Recognising the desire to utilise pools for exercise and therapeutic purposes beyond leisure, Remco embarked on a mission to revolutionise the pool market. After extensive research and development, the Remco SwimJet was born – offering unparalleled performance and versatility. Available initially as an integrated option for new pool builds, the range has recently expanded to offer a Retrofit SwimJet option for customers with existing pools.

Remco Retrofit SwimJet on display in our showroom
Visit the Remco Showroom in Melbourne to see our jets in action

What is a Remco Retrofit SwimJet?

Also called counter-current systems, Remco SwimJets are a godsend for people who want to swim athletically or for general fitness. This is because they distribute 160,000-550,000 litres of water and hour via a bubble-free current, creating the ideal resistance to swim against.

The Remco system generates a broad, powerful stream that flows evenly around the body, moving the whole body without straining it. Our SwimJets also supply a natural feeling flow that can be adjusted in strength to any swimmer’s ability level.

Types of Remco SwimJets

There’s a Retrofit SwimJet to suit swimmers of every level, ranging from beginners to seasoned experts.

Remco offers four distinct model options to suit your specific needs and preferences. With advanced German technology and energy-efficient design, Remco Retrofit SwimJets set the standard for performance and reliability.

The different turbine configurations of Retrofit SwimJets offer varied current strengths and widths. Although some Remco SwimJets are more powerful than others, users can always adjust their speed to suit less capable swimmers.

Single Turbine SwimJets

The single-turbine SwimJets come in two power options. The number in their name represents the volume of cubic meters of water flowing through the turbine per hour.  For example, the SwimJet 160 produces a flow rate of up to 160m³ per hour, and the SwimJet 275 produces up to 275m³ per hour.

Single turbine
Single Turbine

Users can turn the speed and resistance up and down across seven levels throughout their workout. The choice of level depends on the fitness and goals at the time.

Twin Turbine SwimJets

The twin-turbine SwimJets combine two single turbines mounted side by side and are available in two powerful combinations.

twin turbine
Twin Turbine

Moreover, the number represents the volume of cubic meters of water flowing through the turbines each hour.  For example, the SwimJet 320 turbines produce a combined flow rate of up to 320m³ per hour. In addition, the SwimJet 550 duo produces up to 550m³ per hour.

Why Remco Retrofit SwimJets are Unrivalled

With limited competition in the Australian market, the Remco Retrofit SwimJet is as powerful and effective as our integrated model, and these key features of our SwimJets stand us apart:-

  • Superior Swimming Current: Remco turbines create a variable, bubble-free current that delivers a superior swimming experience.
  • Easy Installation: No pumps or plumbing are required. Our Technicians lay the cable and conduit, then plug into a standard power point.
  • Quiet Operation: The low voltage, brushless motor and underwater position of the jet ensure quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy your pool in peace.
  • Energy Efficient: With up to 80% less energy consumption than competitor systems, Remco Retrofit SwimJets are the most energy-efficient choice on the market.
  • Tech Savvy: Take control of your SwimJet experience with the dedicated Remco App, offering advanced training and customisation options at your fingertips.

Take the Plunge with Remco Retrofit SwimJets

Maximise the use and enjoyment of your pool – unlock its full potential with a Remco Retrofit SwimJet. Starting from $16,000, a SwimJet is a small investment for a lifetime of fitness and enjoyment. Contact Remco today at 1800 652 962 for a quotation and discover the ultimate upgrade for your backyard oasis. Or, for further reading on Swimjets, please request a download of our e-book using this link