Investing in a swim jet can turn your pool into a dynamic swimming training centre, an aquatic therapy gym, or a family-friendly playground – all within the confines of your backyard. The possibilities are vast, and the right jet can unlock a world of aquatic enjoyment without needing to leave home.

However, the many options available raise an interesting question. How do you select the swim jet that perfectly aligns with your needs?

This comprehensive article delves into the challenges of swim jet ownership. We offer proactive suggestions you can research further to make sure your jet choice is the best it can be.

We’ll navigate through the potential pitfalls and discover practical solutions, including:

  • Incorrect Jet Position: Discover how the placement of your swim jet impacts your swimming posture and workout efficiency.
  • Too Many Bubbles or Turbulence: Explore the importance of water flow to maintain a serene lap swim experience.
  • Increased Power Bills: Learn the financial considerations associated with the installation and ongoing usage costs of various systems.
  • Jet Noise: The noise created by the system and the jet when in use can impact people in the vicinity.
  • Swim Jet Takes Up Too Much Space: See how the placement of your jet affects your overall poolside enjoyment.
  • Unattractive Design: Understand the importance of selecting a swim jet with a design that enhances your pool’s aesthetics.
  • Limited Choice of Some Brands: Understand the importance of customisation that aligns with your swimming ability and preferences.

Swim Jet Problems & Solutions in Detail

1. Jet Position Impacts Buoyancy

Ieal swimming position against a jet

The placement of your swimming pool jet is not just about aesthetics; it directly affects your swim posture. If the jet is too low or high, your legs may not receive the necessary buoyancy. This can affect your ability to maintain a comfortable swim for long periods. It can also lead to inefficient swim training, causing discomfort and disrupting your workout rhythm.

Solution: Look for a system that does not sit too low or high in the water. Both integrated and retrofit units should be placed at the optimal height where the water flow can move comfortably around the body and support the swimmer in a horizontal position.

2. Water Flow Produces Too Many Bubbles or Turbulence

Jet stream bubbles

Creating the optimal swim environment involves achieving a balance in water flow. Excessive bubbles or turbulent water can be distracting and are not conducive to a naturally occurring lap swim experience. These hinder your focus during training, affecting your breathing and distracting you from a flow state.

Solution: Look for a unit with a broad water flow and minimal bubbles. Generally speaking, the broader the water stream, the less bubbles are created. The position of the swim jet under the water can also reduce the turbulence on the top of the water.

3. Power Bills Rise Significantly Due to Running Costs

three phase power cable

While the joys of a swimming pool jet are undeniable, the associated costs can be a significant consideration. Most systems require upgrading to three-phase power, incurring installation costs and ongoing expenses due to increased power usage. The financial implications can catch some owners off guard.

Solution: Check the power requirements for individual brands when seeking a quote. Some systems available can operate from a standard power point and do not require a three-phase power upgrade. For these systems, the reduced power extends to lower ongoing operating costs, too.

4. Swim Jet Noise Impacts Others

Family watching a swimmer

Pool equipment is notoriously noisy, and adding a swim jet can take this to new heights. Pump systems add to noise levels as they are located outside the pool itself, sometimes poolside.

In addition, systems located close to or above the waterline add noise to the surrounding areas when operating, affecting others in the vicinity.

Solution: Visit showrooms to hear the jets in action where possible. By comparing the noise level of pump systems with a brushless turbine motor, you can assess whether the noise generated will take away from the poolside ambience.

5. Swim Jet Takes Up Too Much Space in or Around Your Pool Area

Swim Jet pump pipes

Backyard pools are known for their limited space, making it crucial for every element to complement rather than dominate. A swim jet that takes up too much space can restrict your poolside activities and diminish the overall enjoyment.

Solution: The more integrated the unit is in the pool, the more space will be available for everyone to swim. Moreover, it is more practical if the control box can be located with other pool equipment rather than taking up space poolside.

6. Swim Jet Takes Away from the Pool Aesthetics

Fastlane Pro unit

Visual appeal matters, especially regarding your pool area. This is because an unattractive swim jet sticking out of the water can detract from the overall aesthetics of your pool. This not only affects the look but may also disrupt the tranquillity of your swimming space.

Solution: If you are building a new pool, incorporating your swim jet into the build is the most attractive and streamlined option. There are swim jets available that sit within a cavity in the pool wall, complemented by a stainless-steel grille.

If you are retrofitting a swim jet to an existing pool, look for a system installed below the waterline. The deeper the Jet operates within the pool, the less it will be noticed from above.

7. Limited Models Available for Some Brands

Twin turbine Remco jet

Not all swimmers have the same goals, and swim jet preferences vary widely. Some brands offer limited choices, and this lack of variety can limit your options for creating a customised swim experience.

Solution: Understand how you want to use your jet and seek quotes that align closely with your goals. There are noticeable differences between the water flow of different brands, and some systems even have twin jet options available for professional swim training.

Next steps

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