From barbeques with friends to playing with the kids, backyards and pools are central to your home. However, the backyard can also be one of the most dangerous parts of your home. No child or pet is drown-proof, and it is important to take every step possible towards keeping your backyard safe. Take the cooler weather as an opportunity to check your backyard, and follow these steps to keep the hub of the home safe and sound.

Check your pool

Check your pool safety requirements, and make sure that your pool complies with them. In Australia, requirements vary from state to state, so check with your state government on what regulations apply.

Get covered

Add another layer of protection to your pool. Invest in a reliable pool cover that will prevent accidents from happening, even if children climb the fence or get through the gate. The best covers will support the weight of an adult to prevent children from accidentally falling in.


It is vital to supervise kids in and around pools. The keys to supervision are attention, proximity and continuity. If you are entertaining guests, either keep the kids out of the pool area, or make sure that a responsible adult is in the pool area, watching them at all times.

Fence up

Ensure that your pool has a fence installed, and check it for wear and tear. Ensure that your fence complies with Australian standards, and the requirements of your local government.

Do a chemical check

Ensure that your pool has the proper water chemistry to keep it safe and clean for swimmers. You can also prevent chemical evaporation by installing a pool cover to keep your water balanced for longer, and save on chemical costs over the long term.

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