With summer just around the corner, safety around the pool area is vital. There is no better way to enjoy your pool than having a peace of mind when the pool isn’t in use. Everyone knows the value of a swimming pool cover, but what pool cover is the best option that provides both pool safety and easy pool maintenance? The Remco Coverstar may be the perfect solution.

Remco’s Coverstar pool cover is key operated which offers multiple benefits. With the turn of a key or the flick of a switch, the pool cover can automatically roll on or off within a minute, which provides you with additional safety. Unauthorised access of the pool can also be prevented with the installation of a key switch. For those concerned about children’s safety, Remco’s Coverstar pool covers can also hold the weight of an adult, providing an invaluable added layer of protection to your pool.

This automated vinyl pool cover also makes pool maintenance a breeze. It can reduce your filtration hours and also offers waste protection against leaves and debris in the pool. This means more time enjoying the pool and less time cleaning it. There is no better feeling than flicking a switch to uncover a sparking clean swimming pool and being able to jump right in. Remco Coverstar pool covers are also environmentally friendly and reduce the use of chemicals by up to 70%.

Another important feature of this pool cover is the heat-trapping technology it uses. This allows you to extend your swimming season as well as save on heating costs. The safety and cost-saving benefits that the Coverstar pool cover offers will give you the pleasure of enjoying a cleaner, safer and lower maintenance pool.

To find out more about colour and installation options for the Coverstar pool cover, contact our friendly team today.