Remco SwimJet System

Remco SwimJet: Stay fit in the comfort of your own pool.

Keeping fit can be expensive. The most popular way to stay in shape is by going to the gym or local swimming pool. But coupled with this comes membership, travel and getting sweaty in public – not always ideal! The Remco SwimJet is a perfect alternative for keeping fit and enjoying the convenience of a workout in the comfort of your own backyard.

The SwimJet offers its users multiple benefits. You can save money in the long term if you ditch your gym membership for a SwimJet. On average, a 5-year gym membership costs $3400. Remco also has the most energy efficient SwimJet on the market, which ensures your electricity bills don’t sky rocket.

Swimming is great way to stay fit. The Remco SwimJet allows you to boost your workout potential for faster calorie burning and increase muscle strengthening by producing a steady current to swim against. The SwimJet can also be used for therapeutic exercises, and can assist in reducing the likelihood of injury. Remco’s SwimJet is an alternative that also allows you to maximise summer fun with the family in your own pool.

Remco designed SwimJet to standout in the market, being energy-efficient, having no pumps and no plumbing, and also delivering a steady current that is bubble-free and is adjustable with 5 speeds. Also available with twin jets, and two speeds, our swim jet system has multiple models to fit your specific needs.

“The SwimJet system cultivates a calm swim and a solid workout. You get maximum return as opposed to an exercise machine that is jerky and inconsistent” – Gary Kilworth – Director, Out From the Blue.

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