Keeping fit can be expensive. Whether you prefer one-on-one classes with your personal trainer or swimming laps at the local pool, memberships and travel expenses can add up quickly. The Remco SwimJet is a perfect alternative for keeping fit and enjoying the convenience of a workout in the comfort of your own backyard.

Transform your pool into an olympic swimming pool with the Remco SwimJet

Have a swimming pool that isn’t big enough for laps? Want to incorporate swimming into your fitness routine? The solution you need is finally here.

The SwimJet allows you to create an adjustable current for you to swim against. It also offers a range of other benefits for athletes, including boosting your workout potential, burning calories faster and increasing your muscle strength. The SwimJet can be used for therapeutic exercises and can also assist in reducing the likelihood of injury.

Fun for the whole family

This high-tech system has functionality for those who want to get the best use out of their pool. It encourages therapeutic activities and family fun. With the ability to control its functions via remote, the device is simple and safe to use.

Cutting-edge swim jets for fitness and fun

Unlike any other product on the market, the Remco designed SwimJet is energy-efficient, with no pumps or plumbing. Delivering a steady current that is bubble-free and adjustable with 7 speeds, the SwimJet gives every user a superior swimming experience. We also offer a twin jet option, providing a stronger stream for enhanced training.

“The SwimJet system cultivates a calm swim and a solid workout. You get maximum return as opposed to an exercise machine that is jerky and inconsistent” – Gary Kilworth – Director, Out From the Blue.
Shop the Remco SwimJet today

Remco swimming machines can be delivered and installed anywhere in Australia. Our experienced staff can help you pick the perfect SwimJet solution for your family, and install it at no extra cost. To find out more about the SwimJet contact our friendly team today at 1800 609 986. We will be happy to assist you further.