Installing a SwimJet can transform your pool into a swimming training centre; a therapeutic aquatic gym; or a playground for the whole family. The options are endless, and with the right SwimJet, you can enjoy all this and more without leaving your backyard.

But with plenty of options available, how do you choose the one to best suit your needs?

In this guide, we will dive into the world of Remco SwimJets. In doing so, we will explore four different models, each with unique capabilities, offering benefits to suit individual needs.

Choosing the right SwimJet can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to this technology. This is why this guide is straightforward, and we hope it helps you navigate our models without any technical jargon.

We’ll explore: –

  • Fundamental Remco SwimJet information
  • Overview of Remco SwimJet models
  • The right SwimJet for different types of swimmers
  • SwimJet Price Ranges

So, whatever your motivation, let’s find out which SwimJet is your perfect match.

What are SwimJets?

A Remco SwimJet is a powerful system that creates a current in your pool. SwimJets allow you to swim in place continuously and are much like a treadmill for swimmers.

Also called counter-current systems, Remco SwimJets are a godsend for people who want to swim athletically or for general fitness. This is because they distribute 160,000-550,000 litres of water via a bubble-free current, creating the ideal resistance to swim against.

Our system generates a broad, powerful stream that flows evenly around the body, moving the whole body without straining it. Our SwimJets also supply a natural feeling flow that can be adjusted in strength to any swimmer’s ability level.

A swimmer swimming against a twin turbine SwimJet

We can install Remco SwimJets within the wall of a new pool or retrofit one to an existing pool wall. The turbines draw in water from the pool and expel it back in a wide flow. This is why SwimJet is known as one of the most powerful systems available.

Designed to be user-friendly, users can operate our SwimJets using an underwater Piezo switch or via a remote control. Furthermore, serious swimmers can pre-program their workout using a dedicated SwimJet App.

When we introduced our SwimJet range, we knew they’d quickly become popular, and it’s easy to see why:-

  • SwimJets allows serious swimmers to train at home in their backyard, adding a level of convenience public pools can’t rival.
  • Moreover, SwimJets add a fitness feature to any backyard pool, extending its use beyond simple summertime fun.
  • They provide therapeutic and relaxation benefits to other family members.
  • Children love their wide-riverlike current for adding fun new play options in the pool.
  • Remco SwimJets are remarkably energy efficient, making them more affordable in the long run compared to similar products.

Types of Remco SwimJets

There’s a Remco SwimJet to suit swimmers of every level, ranging from beginners to seasoned experts.

The different turbine configurations of SwimJets offer varied stream strengths and widths. Although some SwimJets are more powerful than others, their speed can always be adjusted to suit less capable swimmers.

Single Turbine SwimJets

The single-turbine SwimJets come in two power options. The number in their name represents the volume of cubic meters of water flowing through the turbine per hour.  For example, the SwimJet 160 produces a flow rate of up to 160m³ per hour, and the SwimJet 275 produces up to 275m³ per hour.


Users can turn the speed and resistance up and down across seven levels throughout their workout. And the choice of level depends on the fitness and goals at the time.

ModelRecommended useVolume L/mVolume in M3/hEnergy use at maxMax velocity (M/s)
SwimJet 160M3Low-intensity swimming, remedial exercise, family play2667 L/m160 M3/h1350 watts2.5 M/s
SwimJet 275M3Moderate-intensity swimming4583 L/m275 M3/h1700 watts3.2 M/s


Twin Turbine SwimJets

The twin-turbine SwimJets combine two single turbines mounted side by side and are available in two powerful combinations. What’s more, the number represents the volume of cubic meters of water flowing through the turbines each hour.  For example, the SwimJet 320 turbines produce a combined flow rate of up to 320m³ per hour. In addition, the SwimJet 550 duo produces up to 550m³ per hour.

Swimmer swimming against a twin turbine integrated SwimJet
Integrated Twin Turbine SwimJet

The turbines are always activated together in a twin-turbine SwimJet, which cannot be altered without a change in programming. In addition, users can increase and decrease the current by alternating between the seven different levels of the program.

ModelRecommended useVolume L/mVolume in M3/hEnergy use at maxMax velocity (M/s)
SwimJet 320M3Moderate to high-intensity swimming5333 L/m320 M3/h2700 watts2.5 M/s
SwimJet 550M3High-intensity swimming9167 L/m550 M3/h3400 watts3.2 M/s

A SwimJet for every type of swimmer.

Are you a professional or semi-professional swimmer? Perhaps you swim for fitness to improve your ability, or maybe you prefer the gentle exercise of leisurely laps? Regardless of your motivation, there’s a Remco SwimJet to suit you.

Starting with our basic model, recommended for recreational swimmers, our single-turbine SwimJet160 system will appeal to the whole family. This system has enough capacity to replicate lap swimming, and at lower speeds, it will also offer therapeutic benefits and family fun.

Or, perhaps you’re a recreational swimmer looking to develop yourself. The more powerful turbine in the SwimJet275 will build up your swimming abilities and challenge you. It’s also an excellent option for lap swimmers wanting to increase their swimming ability and endurance.

What if you are an ambitious amateur or sports swimmer? With two outlets working together, the twin-turbine SwimJet320 provides an extra-wide flow that enhances your training as it also challenges your fitness.

Swim Jets - in ground pool retro fit installation
Retrofit Twin Turbine SwimJet

But if you’re a professional swimmer or athlete in the making, the SwimJet550 will deliver the broadest, most powerful resistance in our range. This twin-turbine powerhouse will take the best swimmer’s training to new heights in addition to elevating your fitness.

And finally, let’s not forget those swimmers who like to train together. Providing your pool is wide enough, Remco can install two single turbines so you can train side by side at customised paces.

Indicative Costs for a Remco SwimJet

Various factors influence the final price associated with installing a SwimJet, and we’ve written an article Exploring the factors that Influence the Price of SwimJets that discusses this in detail. To give you an indication of pricing for the various SwimJet Models sold by Remco in 2024, please see below.

2024 SwimJets costs for a new pool

The retail prices for Remco SwimJets that can be incorporated into a new pool build as of February 2024 are:-

a) SwimJet 160 – $14,074
b) SwimJet 275 – $16,286
c) SwimJet 320 – $24,548
d) SwimJet 550 – $29,601

The above prices include GST, installation by a Remco Technician and cover supply to major Australian metro areas only. Additional travel charges may apply outside Metro areas.

If a SwimJet is built as part of a new pool design, it’s important homeowners budget for additional construction and electrical costs.

While we can’t specify the exact prices a pool builder will charge for creating and preparing a SwimJet cavity, we compared three rough estimates from our regular builders to create an average.  At the time of publication in Australia in 2024, you should allow approximately $5,000 in construction costs to accommodate your SwimJet into a new pool.


2024 SwimJets costs for retrofitting into an existing pool

The retail prices for the Remco SwimJet models that can be retrofitted into existing pools, as of February 2024, are:-

a) SwimJet 160 – $16,028

b) SwimJet 275 – $18,476

c) SwimJet 320 – $27,987

d) SwimJet 550 – $33,079

The above prices include GST, installation by a Remco Technician and supply to major metro areas only. Additional travel charges may apply outside Metro areas.

When retrofitting a SwimJet, Remco typically installs them onto brackets anchored to the side of the existing pool wall. Depending on the individual pool design, we suggest you allow at least $1,000 for additional electrical cabling costs.

Next steps in your SwimJet journey

If you’re still seeking more information on the other types of Swim Jets available on the market, we have written another article titled ”What are SwimJets and how do they Work?” This article compares the various elements of different Swim Jets; explores the technology behind their operation; and discusses their strengths and weaknesses.

To find out how our SwimJets can extend the enjoyment of your pool, call us at 1800 652 962.