At Remco, we manufacture in Australia, hiring locals in Melbourne to make pool covers to suit a range of different shapes and sizes. As managing director of Remco, Australia’s leading pool cover company, my main responsibility is to develop cutting-edge solutions to keep pools clean and safe for families.

Like many of you, I read the newspaper. I have children of my own, so when I read the paper, I am often drawn to stories that relate to children.

When I read a story about a child that has passed due to falling in a pool, my immediate reaction is that my heart goes out to the parents and other siblings that the child has left behind.

Then I think about what could have been done differently.

Pool covers aren’t just about protection from falling leaves and debris

There is a reason why more people now have pool covers and it’s not just about the weather, falling leaves and debris like many people think. It’s about safety.

Would you choose a pool cover if it is going to save the life of your child, your neighbour’s child or someone coming to visit?

I know it is easy for me to say, “it’s a no brainer”, but let’s take a look at the facts and figures.

More than half of drowning deaths in a swimming pool happened from falling in it

Each year Royal Life Saving Australia releases a National Drowning Report which recorded that in 2019, 276 people drowned in Australia and about 11% of these deaths happened in a swimming pool. The majority of these deaths were children aged 0-4 years old and more than half of them happened because the child fell into the swimming pool.

The sad truth is, the majority of these deaths could be eliminated dramatically by simply installing a pool cover that provides maximum safety.

Why architects are encouraging pool owners to consider safety

Architects are continually ringing up and asking for specific details on our Swimroll pool cover and Coverstar pool cover, and we have seen a massive influx in the past 12 months. It all comes back to these terrifying statistics and the stories we read in the summer months about young children losing their lives to pool drownings.

As a parent, we have to make choices. While pool covers may be an added expense or an unsightly aesthetic choice, they serve a purpose. Protecting our children the best we can is our responsibility and if I can save one life from this blog, then it is worth it.

Shop life-saving pool covers at Remco

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