The greatest benefit of the Remco Swimjet is the way that it can maximise the exercise potential of your pool. Here are the four biggest fitness benefits that SwimJet can offer.

1 . A balanced muscle workout

Unlike weight training, where stronger muscles overcompensating for weaker ones can exacerbate muscular asymmetry, swimming creates a completely balanced muscular workout. As Remco SwimJet produces regular, uniform currents to swim against it will ensure that you work all your muscles proportionally to one another. This ensures not only greater athletic performance but also greatly reduces risk of injury.

2 . Increased cardiovascular performance

We all know that with its combination of high-intensity, high-power movement and restrictions on breathing, swimming makes for the perfect cardio-vascular exercise. However, with Remco SwimJet you can ramp up the cardio-vascular benefits of swimming even further. Using the seven levels of resistance to your stroke will not only push your cardio capabilities to the next level, but will also allow you to achieve the same fitness results in less time, allowing you more time to enjoy that healthy body of yours.

3. Goal setting

We all know how physically challenging improving our level of fitness can be, but another equally challenging aspect of fitness training is finding the motivation to persist with it. With Remco SwimJet’s seven levels of resistance, it is easy to set training goals and track your progress and improvements, making motivating yourself to hit the pool easier.

4. Reduce contact injuries

One of the main advantages of swimming above many other forms of exercise is the relative lack of injury risk that comes with aquatic aerobic exercise. However one risk of swimming is stubbed, jammed and even broken fingers and toes from kicking and pushing off the sides of the pool at the end of each length. The current produced by SwimJet can produce enough resistance to stop all forward motion, much like how a treadmill works, thus eliminating any risk. This means injuries can be avoided and the embarrassment of admitting that the pool wall injured you is mitigated.


If you have any questions how a Remco Swimjet can jelp keep the family fit, contact us today!