Every day Remco is inundated with calls from people all over Australia asking us about the different pool cover designs we have on offer. In the conversation, they also cite the reason why they need a pool cover: ‘I found a cane toad in my pool this morning’, ‘I am concerned my 2-year-old’ may fall in when I am not looking, ‘I need to keep the pool clean’.

There are a number of reasons your pool needs a cover including general maintenance and cleanliness, to the safety of your family. Here are five reasons you need a pool cover.

  1. Keep out debris

Pool cleaning is a tedious task that nobody wants to do and, let’s face it, everyone hates pulling out the giant, awkward netted pole to skim with. Without a cover all sorts of out-of-control debris is free to rest in your pool such as shedding shrubs and trees, dog toys and dead insects. What you want to do is spend your time in the pool, not out of it cleaning. A pool cover keeps your pool clean. It’s just a simple fact.

  1. Conserve water

Remember that old science teacher who taught you about evaporation? Well, he wasn’t wrong. A pool cover will minimise the need to regularly refill your pool. And living in Australia, we all know how important it is to conserve water.

  1. Less maintenance

If there is little to no debris floating around in your pool, then it goes without saying that the pool cover has minimised the need for constant maintenance. Forget pulling leaves out of the pool vacuum or scrubbing the pool floor, a cover will make general maintenance a breeze.

  1. Save money

A pool cover is an investment that has long-term benefits. Heating bills for your pool will be lower, you’ll use substantially less water and you won’t have to buy as many chemicals. When it comes down to it, it’s the smarter financial choice.

  1. Keep the little ones safe

Forget worrying about the little ones wandering towards the pool while you’re busy taking care of the rest of the family. With a cover your pool no longer becomes a safety liability when it’s not being used, and you’re family can enjoy it in the safest way possible.

With three distinct designs catering for all different requirements and budgets, Remco has you safety and maintenance goals covered.