Swim jet systems are widely used for athletic training purposes, but what most don’t realise is that a swim jet transforms a pool into a myriad of activities for the whole family. Add a simple pool toy and you get dozens more! The whole family can enjoy the SwimJet for athletic training, gentle exercise or pool games. The SwimJet transforms pools with a powerful, bubble-free current with 7 speeds and remote control operation, amongst many other features.

The Remco SwimJet is designed with flexibility in mind, to ensure that anyone can enjoy the benefits of using the swim jet system. With 7 speeds controlled via remote, adults can use the SwimJet’s stronger currents for calorie-burning workouts and increasing fitness levels. The system can be switched to a lower setting for kids to play games against the current, and learn to become confident in the water. Vivien and Murray Mountain have found the SwimJet to be a great source of entertainment for their grandchildren. ‘The children swim up the outside lane and then ride the power stream back.’

The SwimJet is also perfect for early birds and night owls, featuring near silent operation – meaning that you won’t disrupt family members with an early morning or late night swim. Pump-based swim jet systems can create significant noise pollution, and Remco has engineered the SwimJet with no pumps and no plumbing to eliminate this problem. Using an impeller system, Remco has decreased noise levels at no cost to power – in fact this unique system also means that the Remco SwimJet is highly energy-efficient – saving your family on energy costs.

For families with small backyards, but big needs, the SwimJet has also proven to be perfect for realising the full potential of small pools. With the SwimJet, adults and kids alike can swim for miles within just a few metres. Swim jet systems are perfect for increasing your endurance within the comfort of your home.

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