There are a multitude of good reasons to invest in a cover for your pool. Here is a handy acronym to explain what they are.

C- Conservation of water – We all know that heat plus water equals less water, and that less water in a pool means the tedious, expensive and wasteful task of refilling a pool. Well, a physical barrier preventing the evaporation of your pool’s water will save you both time and effort, as well as conserving our most important resource.

Peace Of Mind – One of the biggest concerns for pool owners, particularly those with children is safety. With a pool cover you can all but eliminate the risk of little ones being in the pool unsupervised and take a load off your mind.

Value – With its ability to reduce heating bills, water consumption and maintenance, a pool cover is an investment that will pay for itself.

Ease of cleaning – A pool cover effectively prevents dirt and debris from getting into your pool. This means you can avoid the awkward and boring task of fishing our leaves with that horrible long net and having to scrub the walls of the pool just to prevent it from having an unappealing green shimmer.

Resistance – All doctors say that prevention is better than cure and the same principal applies to your pool. A cover prevents debris from blocking your filter ensuring you save money on maintenance and can constantly have your pool in running order.