Summer is here and the time is right. Time for what? Time to install a Remco SwimJet into your pool and maximise your summer fun.

SwimJet systems have been on the market for some time. They are a flush- mounted, jet propulsion system that generates a regular, flowing current in your swimming pool. However not all systems are equal.

The Remco SwimJet is builder and architect friendly as well having appeal for athletes and families.

There are several reasons for this. Let’s look at its appeal to those in the construction industry first.

Remco has conducted comprehensive research and development to create the most energy efficient Swim Jet on the market. Remco SwimJet’s technical benefits include no pumps and plumbing, energy efficient design and near silent operation. Builders and architects love them, and so do the families installing them. In fact the Remco SwimJet can be installed anywhere including family homes, rehabilitation centres and training pools

The Remco SwimJet has an aesthetically pleasing design, which allows for the full integration of this flush mounted system. It can be applied to any pool design without restriction, including distance from the pump. It is built completely into the wall of the pool and provides no physical obstruction to swimming.

There are several Remco SwimJet models available and the specifications are impressive. The Remco SwimJet range features an impressive output range from 705 GPM up to 1410 GPM (160 M3/h – 320 M3/h) and Energy Consumption at Maximum (Watts) of 1500 – 3000. Comparatively, this is far superior to any of its competitors.

From a performance perspective, the Remco SwimJet has seven current speed settings, allowing you to generate current strength to suit your needs. You can be playing games with your children on a light setting, teaching them how to swim on a moderate setting or increasing your swimming confidence and ramping up your fitness and race training on a maximum setting.

To top it all off, the Remco SwimJet is also the most energy efficient product of its type, making it a perfect choice for any environmentally or financially conscious people who want to improve their pool experience.

Singer Eddie Cochran one sang that ‘there ain’t no cure for the summer time blues’, well yes there is and it’s a wave making, current creating product called the Remco SwimJet.