Summer is fast approaching and alongside the inevitable soaring temperatures and Christmas presents that this season brings, comes the prospect of having to keep your children entertained for the time they have off school.

To make the summer enjoyable for all, here are three games that can be played with the Remco SwimJet.

1) Beat the zone

This game is suitable for a larger number of players (2-4 people in a medium sized pool). You will first need to mark a point on the side of the pool away from where the SwimJet is installed and hence where the waves travel from. The zone behind the marker is the ‘dead zone’ so leave at least enough space for people to move freely. The objective is to be the last person to enter the dead zone by swimming against the SwimJet’s current as it pushes you towards the zone. For a bigger challenge increase the size of the dead zone or the strength of the current.

2) Grab the flag

A game for single or multiple players. Attach a flag or handkerchief (or anything small and waterproof) to a piece of string and tie it to the grill directly in front of the SwimJet. The objective of the game is to touch or collect the item as many times as possible, racing either against others or yourself. To turn this game into a fitness activity for your child, offer him a reward for every 20 times he/she manages to grab the item.

3) Jump the waves

This one is only for older, more competent swimmers and can be played alone or by many. Move to an area where you cannot stand and see how long you can jump the waves created by the SwimJet by treading water alone. This game is bound to bring about the competitive nature of your little ones!

With these three games a more active, fun summer is guaranteed for all the family.